A natural approach to your pet's health

Support your pet’s health using a natural, safe and effective approach to encourage the body’s own incredible healing abilities. Homeopathy, Reiki and Bach flowers work as independent therapies or can be combined to assist with a wide range of health and behavioural issues. All types of animals respond to homeopathy, from rabbits, cats and dogs, to horses and farm animals.

"Liane Donovan is fulfilling a life-long dream to contribute
positively to the health and wellbeing of all animals. Inspired by her
experiences, both locally and internationally, Liane is professionally
trained to administer comfort and relief to animals in distress, in the
memory of a beautiful bear named 'Assisi' and walking in his footsteps
to provide compassionate and loving care to all in need. I admire her

                                                                                  Bob Kerridge - Animal Welfarist

Getting the jump on fleas

December 6, 2019
The warmer weather is here and for cat and dog owners, this can mean flea infestations. Prevention is better than cure.Food is medicineFleas are attracted to pets with low immunity - they are much less likely to infest a healthy animal. Ensure you are providing an optimum diet of plenty of fresh m...
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