Steiny - Wire Hair Fox Terrier
“After a long history of skin problems, Steiny’s skin is looking the best it’s ever been so thank you. Looks like you have cracked it!” (June, owner of Steiny)

Sammy - Shitzu/mix
"The skin around Sammy’s eyes had been inflamed, itchy and sore off and on for 18 months. At its worst, the skin was raw and the eyes would ooze a thick discharge which continually needed cleaning. After Liane treated him, Sammy’s eyes cleared up and he seemed so much better in himself. His coat’s condition had also improved and he is looking great.”
(Michelle, owner of Sammy)

Dudley - Domestic long haired moggie
“Dudley was beginning to lose fur in patches on his back and sides and had a dry, itchy skin condition. He was also spraying inside everywhere and tended to bully our other two cats. Within two weeks of treatment, there was significant change. The first thing we noticed was that he was no longer spraying and within a month his skin was improving. After four months he looks like a new cat. His skin is in excellent condition. He has a shiny, plentiful coat, and has gained weight. The change has been incredible.”
(Angela, owner of Dudley)